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Sanieh transmits a unique understanding of teaching a very fluid yet strong, sensual and organic “full-bodied” yoga. Her practice inspires creative sequencing of classes with a fresh execution that relies on 100% prana inspired movement creating spaciousness and expansion both physically and mentally. All classes cater to ongoing practitioners, newer students and athletes alike.


With over 1,000 actual “Teacher Training” hours and over 4,500 actual teaching hours, yoga has taken Sanieh world wide to teach, practice, and study. While her initiation into yoga began with her very first teacher, Cori Martinez, whose wisdom and guidance remains a constant source, the last 8 years have been spent mostly with notable Transformational Prana Flow Yoga creator, Shiva Rea, with whom Sanieh has traveled throughout the United States and India to assist in teacher trainings and retreats. Sanieh leads retreats and workshops locally, nationally and internationally.


Festival Presentation: Sringara Rasa~The Yoga of Love

Sringara (love; beauty) Rasa (Divine nectar) is the cultivation of the heart and sensuality of yoga that generates loving energy towards ourselves, others and ultimately, the Divine. The gateway to this sensual and heart opening practice will be opened by lengthened exhalations, the embrace of the water element in movement and chant combined with live musical drones.


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