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Thomas Leverett and Claudia Castro-Leverett

Thomas Leverett and Claudia Castro-Leverett are best selling co-authors of the book, 3 Steps to Your Best Body, they are also owners of fitness and yoga studio, Del Sol, in southwest Austin close to Oak Hill. Here they offer varied paths to fitness and health through Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Kids Yoga, Kung Fu, CrossFit, Hardstyle Russian Kettlebells and Plant Based Whole Food cooking.

Claudia has been sharing her love of yoga for the past nine years and has been practicing intently for the past 15. Her and Thomas have both trained under Jonny Kest at his Center for Yoga in Michigan.

Thomas Leverett and Claudia Castro-Leverett

This is an invigorating and challenging class set in a hot room surely meant to help you detox and sweat it out! Thomas and Claudia will guide you through a yoga series designed to build a natural heat in the body and then allow you to flow at your own pace and discover the beginnings of a personal practice. It is also set to upbeat and rhythmic music that helps you find the depths and edges of that practice. This class is great for those that are more physically active and like to be taken to their edge.

Festival Workshop: The Yoga of Self Acceptance: Detox Flow

Join Claudia and Thomas as they move you through a powerful Vinyasa class. Allowing you to move through a full range of motion and emotions you will cultivate the internal space to dive deep into the pool of the self. We find that as we move through this life we often lose sight of our own personal power and are many times torn between our perceived needs, the needs of others and our real needs. As we navigate this landscape we find that when we come to a deep acceptance of reality, "as it is", we can come to deeper realizations about ourselves and find that all the love that we are looking for is already staring back at us from that mirror of the self. Breathe and discover your personal Truth, begin to hold your space and be a lighthouse for that Truth. Come to breathe, move, love, laugh, and feel the many ways that we can "connect and not correct" immersing into a deep sea self acceptance.

"The ocean cannot be received in a cup, unless the cup is made as wide as the ocean."- Author unknown

Thomas and Claudia run and teach at their own yoga and fitness studio in Austin, TX- Del Sol-

They have studied in depth vegetarian and vegan cooking and offer personalized classes, lectures, and retreats on Vegan cooking, Yoga, Kung Fu and Qigong. Thomas is a 16 year practitioner and Master instructor of 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu. They are Best selling co- authors of 3 Steps to Your Best Body, specifically writing on "Fitness with Soul- Offering the Fruits of Your Actions to a Higher Purpose". Both have studied yoga under the guidance of Jonny Kest.


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