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Lauren Buck

Lauren Zinn Buck is a yoga nerd (and often refers to her classes that way). She started practicing in 2003 and teaching in 2007, when she studied Interdisciplinary Yoga at Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. She got her start bartering yoga classes for hostel beds and surfboard lessons throughout Central America, and taught full-time in New York City before moving to Austin in 2009.

Most influenced by Seane Corn, Joseph Campbell, Anusara Yoga and her own practice, Lauren's intention is to take you deeper into the present moment and learn from the teacher within, rather than someone else's dogma. Also a writer and improv teacher, Lauren's classes are playful, descriptive and creative. Expect a challenging but safe vinyasa sequence, adaptable to whatever level of challenge you choose.

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Lauren Buck

Festival Workshop: Patanjali Unlocked: Asana & Beyond

As yoga has exploded in popularity in the West, we've seen a huge proliferation of styles and brands. All are gifts and enable modern yogis to seek out the style that works best for them. But what would an old-school asana practice look like? Engage the purist in you as we explore powerful awareness-based asana intensified by elements of pranayama, contemplation and meditation. This class is more than building to a peak pose; it builds to a specific energetic experience, using the upper limbs of Patanjali's ashtanga yoga to guide you deeper than a simple asana-based class.


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