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Gudjon Bergmann

Gudjon Bergmann was born in Iceland in 1972. Self-Development based on the Spiritual Teachings of Yoga is his seventeenth book. Previous books included The Seven Human Needs (2006), Living in the Spirit of Yoga (2010), and Yes! You Can Manage Stress (2011). He is an experienced speaker on topics of self-development and spirituality, and registered with Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher at the highest level (E-RYT 500). In 2010 he moved to Austin, Texas, with his family where he now lives and works. He is available to give lectures, seminars and workshops on all the topics in his new book.

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Gudjon Bergmann

Festival Presentation: Self-Development based on the Spiritual Teachings of Yoga

Self-Development based on the Spiritual Teachings of Yoga is a program about two things. How you can unveil the ultimate Self or spirit within; and how you can balance and develop the relative self, including your character and personality. Based on a book with the same name the program builds on the strong foundation of ancient yoga principles, but is presented for people in the 21st Century. It is about how we can all progress as human beings without succumbing to the illusion of perfection.

Gudjon Bergmann shares his personal spiritual revelation at the age of nineteen, talks about how he lessened mental and emotional pain with the help of yoga, shares his experiences with spiritual teachers, and lays out a path for self-development with the help of ancient yogic principles.


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