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MbiraMe (aka Joel Laviolette) facilitates Ecstatic Dances, Candlelight Contact Jams, and spiritual gatherings both in his home base of Austin, TX and around the world.

A deep passion for traditional Zimbabwean music took him on a musical journey over the last 18 years-including 2 years of living in Zimbabwe. He teaches workshops and lectures around the world, and is honored to participate in the shared transcendental experience that is Ecstatic Dance.


These experiences have taught MbiraMe to trust the flow and the roots of the ancient music as we push forward into the future. Participants can expect to be taken on a journey that will reach deep into our shared origins, and push the boundaries of where music is taking us today.

When not facilitating dances, or teaching, MbiraMe directs Rattletree Marimba - a Zimbabwean style marimba band that incorporates giant hand-built instruments, DIY midi triggered synth marimbas, interactive video projection, and choreographed dance.


Festival Workshop: Ecstatic Wave Dance

Dance can be deeply moving for the body, mind, and spirit. It is a
form of yoga that can awaken our higher states of awareness and bring
personal transformation. In the first hour of this session, Rey
Cardenas will help us tap into this energy by guiding us through a
flowing asana practice.

Once our bodies are warm and energized, we will then be lead into an
Ecstatic Wave dance with MbiraMe. As the music glides us into a state
of deep alignment and self connection, you have permission to dance
your dance in a safe, dynamic group setting. All expression of
movements are welcome and encouraged.

Lineage: Hatha/Ecstatic Dance


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