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Len Worley Ph. D.

Bio: Len Worley holds a PhD in psychology and is certified as a Rolfer in Austin, TX, as well as a practitioner and teacher of dream yoga. His work interfaces both the dense physical body and the supple emotional body.

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Len Worley Ph. D.

Festival Workshop: How to Rolf Your Own Fascia

Often overlooked by the medical and yoga community alike, fascia/connective tissue is a thin webbing that serves as a sheath to hold muscles and organs in place. When elongated and supple it plays a crucial role in creating elegant posture, support and flexibility. The Rolfing bodywork method, while once painful, has evolved a gentle yet penetrating technique that creates suppleness in the fascial sheath, enabling yoginis to dissolve longstanding pain, constriction and gain a dramatic sense of inner freedom—like having a too-tight shirt finally taken off. Len Worley, PhD, trained as both a psychologist and Rolfer, will demonstrate hands-on methods of self-Rolfing to care for your connective tissue.


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